Amazing Grace World 
Missions Inc.

Religion Pure & Faultless

Brief history!

It all started with Brother Nixon Francisque, member of the Church of God of prophecy in Montrouis, Haiti. When he came to the United States in 1987, he left the works and the call of God and went his own way in search of material possessions. God touch him and showed him signs that He was calling him and after some hard and difficult experiences, he came to his senses and accept the call of God. So, he started walking toward his calling with this song title “I want to go wherever you want, God”. So he shares the vision that God gave him with some brothers that were able to help him find provision and resources to accomplish the vision.

In June 1999, Brother Joel and Brother Jean-Robert; two of Nixon’s good friend came to support his vision. And then came also Brother Ancelot who is presently living in Haiti, Sister Genia, Brother Elias and more, they contributed their time and money… That same year and month the mission was born and named, “Amazing Grace World Missions Inc.”

In 1999, Brother Nixon gather his children clothes, shoes that were too small and some that hadn't been use and went to a mission’s trip to Haiti La Gonâve and Gonaives, alone distributing those clothes, shoes, and other necessities for survival. Every year since then, Amazing Grace has been to missions’ trip in Haiti every year; feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, taking care of those kids whose parent are not able financially. Amazing Grace Sponsor their education, not only they go to Haiti every year, they also send money to follow up and to continue the work they do.

In September 2006, they build a church and a school and in this way they provided a more lasting solution to stable education in the city of La Gonâve, Haiti, while preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ strengthen faith and restore the broken.

Amazing Grace world Missions do a lot since it’s 14 years of existence, but everything they been doing has been they own sacrifices, their own time, their own money, therefore their work has been limited to the level of their finances. Since 1999 amazing Grace home address had been the house of Nixon and his family. In December 2013, they extended their options and rented an office, where they can say this is the physical address of Amazing Grace World Missions Inc.